Get up to 100% OFF your Purchase

You're probably here due to an offer we have to get a discount on your order. Here's how it works:

1. Place an order on IMMIX Racing
2. Submit some Photos or Shoot an Installation Video
3. To be eligible, all content must be submitted within 45 days of order date to claim your discount

Your discount depends on the type of content you submit (some restrictions apply, please read the Rules and Questions below to make sure your submission qualifies).

IMPORTANT NOTE: This promotion is valid only on products that do not yet have photos and/or video of the product installed on the machine. There may be some products for which a customer has already submitted their video or photos, but IMMIX has not yet uploaded those photos/images to our website. Those products will no longer be eligible for this promotion.

$10 BACK: Submit Photos or Write a Blog Review

Get $10 back by doing one of two options:

1. Send us at least 5 high resolution images (minimum 874px x 1240px & 300dpi) of the product installed on your motorcycle and get a refund on the photographed product. Images should provide helpful angles that show close-up and from further away.
2. Write a blog post "review" along with a link to the product purchased. (Review must include link to product purchased and must be posted on a highly trafficked forum or website that focuses on motorcycle related activities. (IMMIX reserves all rights, at its discretion, to determine which "reviews" quality for this promotion).

UP TO $40 BACK: Create an Installation Video

Do two things. Send us (1) an edited, step-by-step video tutorial of the installation process (using the storyboard described below), AND (2) at least 5 photos of the item installed on your motorcycle and get up to a 100% refund on the product for which you created the video.

Your refund will be the lesser of $40 or the full purchase price of the item. In other words, if the purchase price of the item in the video is less than $40, we will refund the full amount of the item purchased.

All videos submitted to IMMIX will have our signature Video Intro and Outro added.

Once we receive and review your submission, we'll issue a refund for the products for which you submitted photos or videos.

It's that simple!

Here is an example of an installation video:

Get started now, and SUBMIT YOUR CONTENT.

Rules and Questions (Please Read)

1. Why are we doing this?

Our customers love to have information on how to install their purchase on their motorcycle. The problem is it's not easy for us to track down all the different motorcycles and ATVs in order to create installation videos for every product we sell.

That's when we had an idea. Why not reward our passionate fans if they created these videos and tutorials on our behalf?

2. What must be included with my submission? 

You have a few different options on what you can submit in order to get the discount. Please note that what you submit will affect your discount amount. The content options are as follows:


Must be no more than 5 minutes long and recorded in AT LEAST 720p resolution. We will add the IMMIX Branded intro and outro clips to your video.

Here is an example of an installation video:

Your video must follow this storyboard, in this order:

1. Title of Product Being Installed

Font Color: RGB 248,151,29
Background Color: RGB 64,72,82

2. List of tools needed for installation

Font Color: RGB 248,151,29
Background Color: RGB 64,72,82

3. Step-by-Step Installation Instructions

4. Video should include the motorcycle Make/Model/Year used in the installation video.

5. Any narrative or talking in the video must be positive in nature and focus strictly on the product installation and not on opinions, product feedback or ideas


Product Images must show the product fully installed on the motorcycle/ATV for which it's designed.

The submitted images must be at least 2275 x 1520 pixels in size.


-The blog post review must focus on what you love about the product purchased.

-The post must include one link to our homepage, while the other link should link to the product being reviewed.

-The blog post should include at least one image of the product installed on your motorcycle.

-The blog post must be at least 250 words long. Extensive reviews on message boards and/or forums count as long as the forum is highly related to the subject matter being reviewed (i.e. It's a forum about motorcycles, ATV, Adventure Riding, Motocross, etc). A review posted on a forum or message board must also include at least one link to our homepage and a second link to the product being reviewed. IMMIX reserves the exclusive right to determine if the forum or message board post qualifies and to turn down any review we feel does not meet the intended spirit of this promotion.

3. Which products are eligible?

All products sold by IMMIX are eligible for this promotion, EXCEPT as follows:

--Products that already have an installation video

--Products with at least 4 images of the product installed on a machine

--If another customer has previously submitted their video or images for a product, even if IMMIX has not yet posted those images/video to the product page.

4. What if two people submit for the same product?

This is a first come, first served reward. This means whoever submits their content first gets first dibs on the discount. Make sure you are first to submit by creating the photos or video immediately upon receiving your order. There is a chance that even though the product description appears to be eligible for this promotion, it's no longer eligible because someone else has already submitted eligible content to us. IMMIX is under NO OBLIGATION to notify you if someone else has previously submitted content for any product under this promotion. We update the products with submitted content as quickly as possible, but we are under no obligation to notify you if we're currently reviewing content for the same product you intend to. If you submit content for a product that has already been "claimed" for by a previous submitter, your submission will not be eligible for this discount.

5. How do I submit my video or photos to get my discount?

Please complete and submit the form at the Give Me My Money Back page.

6. How will my discount be issued?

Your discount will be taken from the original price you paid when placing your order (less any discounts or promotions and does not include a refund of shipping fees). We will issue a refund to the original method of payment or via check (if applicable). Once you've submitted your content, please allow up to 4 Weeks for us to review your submission prior to issuing a refund. Please note that your refund may take an additional 3-10 business days to appear on your bank statement.

7. Are there any limitations?

Whatever content you create and submit via this promotion can not be submitted or sent to any other company or individual. Additionally, it cannot be uploaded online (such as YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, Facebook, on Forums, Message Boards, etc). Once you create the content and submit it to IMMIX, it becomes the sole property of IMMIX and can not be sent to other companies, manufacturers, etc.

To be eligible for your refund promotion, we must receive your submission within 45 days of order date.

8. Are there any rules on what can be submitted?

Yes. All content you submit must be your original creation and cannot contain any images, video, music, graphics or anything else that infringes on the rights of others. All content submitted must also be free of any branding, names, copyright notices, etc (other than IMMIX branding and copyright notices)

Promotion Rules and Legal Disclosure:

  1. Copyright Notice. All images, videos, instructions and other creative work/s or files submitted under this promotion become the sole copyrighted property of IMMIX as soon as they are sent to IMMIX. This means once you submit your photos, videos, or other work to us, we get to use it however we please, without credit to you, and without owing you any compensation. Submission of content through this promotion shall be understood as a legal transfer of all rights and claims to the work from you, the "participant" to IMMIX, and shall be considered a "work made for hire" under the copyright laws of the United States of America. All content submitted through this promotion becomes the exclusive property of IMMIX and can be used by IMMIX in any shape, form or fashion, in perpetuity. You agree to give IMMIX an irrevocable, in perpetuity, right to use the submitted content in any manner, in any jurisdiction or country as IMMIX may desire and for any purpose.
  2. Submitted content that contains vulgar, profane, or offensive language or behavior shall be ineligible for this promotion.
  3. All content submitted for this promotion must be submitted within 45 calendar days of order date. Any content submitted after 45 calendar days shall be ineligible for the promotional discount, but shall still be governed by these terms and disclosures.
  4. IMMIX has exclusive right to use the content for any and all commercial or non-commercial purposes. All who submit content under this program agree to be bound by the terms of this promotion. IMMIX reserves the exclusive right to modify, delete, replicate, or alter any content submitted through this reward program.
  5. IMMIX may ask the participant to modify the submitted content prior to granting a refund under this promotion. If IMMIX makes such a request, participant shall have 10 calendar days after request to submit the revised content and still be eligible for the discount. If participant fails to comply with the request within the time period, IMMIX shall be under no obligation to issue a refund/discount under this promotion, even if participant subsequently complies with the change request.
  6. IMMIX reserves the exclusive right to unilateraly reject a submission due to non-conformance or unanticipated content that violates the good faith and intent of this promotion and, as a result, IMMIX may refuse to refund part of a purchase. By submitting content for this competition, the participant waives any and all rights and claims to copyright, damages, cash remuneration/refunds or any other legal claim. If IMMIX refuses submitted content, the participant agrees to hold IMMIX harmless and agrees to not take any legal action against such claim.
  7. Any claim of damages or loss (including any and all legal fees, punitive damages, etc) shall not exceed 50% of the value of the product purchased.
  8. By participating in this program, you agree to be bound by any and all legal provisions, or future changes to this promotion along with the Terms and Conditions of this website. IMMIX may update, modify or change these rules, legal disclosure and terms and conditions at any time and is under no obligation to notify you of said changes.